Request Payment to a Successor

What should you do if you received a refund check payable to a business name or corporate entity that no longer exists?

First, determine if you are a successor to the business. You are a successor if:

  • you are the same business entity operating under a new name, or
  • the business was dissolved and you own all of its assets, or
  • you acquired the business.

If you ARE NOT a successor, you should let us know:

  • if you can put us in contact with a successor to the business,
  • if you prefer to destroy or return the check to us.
  • Please contact us at

If you ARE a successor, you should:

  • Return the check to us and request that a refund check be re-issued in your name or the name of the successor (person or entity); and
  • If you acquired the business, send us a copy of the sale documentation that shows who the company was transferred to;
  • If there was a name change, send us the documents showing there was a name change;
  • If the business was dissolved, closed or inactive, send us a supporting Written Declaration for Your Business and the documents; or
  • If you were operating as an unincorporated business that is now dissolved or changed its name, send us an affidavit signed and notarized describing the circumstances of the event and why you, or another entity, have become the rightful beneficiary of this money.

Checks should be returned by regular U.S. mail to the following address:

City of Ocala Fire Fee Refund
c/o The Notice Company
P.O. Box 455
Hingham, MA 02043

Other documents may be sent to us by mail or by email to: